Need an appointment time with Ms. Dusha? Click here:

Need an appointment time with Ms. Dusha? Click here:

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spring Update

Soon I will be welcoming a new baby into my family!  Because of this, this will be my last week at Melrose HS until next fall.  As I wrap up things in the guidance office, just a few reminders:

- Mr Wing, former counselor from BBE schools, will be filling in for me and available to answer your questions.  Feel free to contact him.
- Seniors will be receiving a lot of information from their colleges and from us (Melrose HS) in the next month.  One very important piece of information: If you are going to college in the fall then your college will want a final HS transcript.  All FINAL high school transcripts need to be requested from Audrey Hiltner.  You can start requesting these now.  Typically they are mailed out the middle part of June.
- If your senior took college courses while in HS, transcript request forms will be available in the guidance office and from teachers by mid May.  Remember, if you are going to college you need to submit a request for a final college transcript from the college.
- 2013-2014 student schedules will be passed out the week before Memorial Day.  If your student would like to make changes, they will need to fill out a schedule change form and make their changes before they leave for summer break.  These forms will be available in the guidance office.

I am happy to say I think we will soon be able to enjoy some warmer temps, so HAPPY SPRING!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

It's Working (for now)...

The registration system appears to be up and working....for now!  Please make sure, if you are a 10th or 11th grader, that you log in through ParentVue or StudentVue by tomorrow morning to create your class schedule.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Problems with Registration

I have been notified that there is a problem with the registration web site, StudentVue and ParentVue, where the 10th and 11th grade students are unable to change their course requests.  We believe this is a problem with the software program located up in Moorhead.  I have placed an urgent request for this to be fixed and I appreciate your patience.  I will update this blog once the problem is resolved.  I apologize for any inconvenience!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

2013-2014 Class Schedules

Tomorrow, Thursday, April 11, all 11th and 10th graders will be receiving their class schedule packet.  Basically this packet tells them every course offering for hours 1-7 semester 1 and 2.  They need to create a schedule in their StudentVue account over the weekend (Friday-Monday).  Any 11th or 10th grader who does not complete this process will be called alphabetically to the computer lab on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday to complete their class schedule requests. 

How is this different from what they already did in January?  In January when they entered requests, they were entering in what classes they would like to see offered.  Based off of the January information from students a master schedule with all classes is then created.  This is what they will see tomorrow.

As a reminder: a student does not always get all of the elective classes they want.  They are asked to enter 4 alternative courses for this reason.  Most of the time 11th graders (next year's seniors) will get what they ask for.  As a rule of thumb, electives are given to seniors first, juniors next, then sophomores, and finally freshmen.  Also, there are times that even though a student has their schedule figured out the way they want it, I may have to re-arrange the schedule to even out the sections of courses better (so that there are not 32 in one hour and 10 in another hour).  I still keep what they ask for (assuming there is room) but make adjustments as deemed necessary.

8th and 9th graders (next year's 9th and 10th graders) will not need to go through this process as their schedules are a bit more "cut and dry" and are based off of what they requested in January.  They have the option of 2 electives each semester whereas my juniors and seniors have 5 or more electives each semester.

Please take the time to look over your student's schedule and encourage them to go through the class schedule request packet this weekend.  Thanks!

Monday, April 8, 2013

It's coming to a close...

I know you would never think it looking outside or at the weather forecast, but graduation is just around the corner!  Last week, with some help from Mr Ruoff's TA's, I got the senior's plans up in the senior hallway.  Make sure to come by and take a look at all of the colleges, military and other plans they have in place starting this coming fall.  It's a sure sign of graduation!