Need an appointment time with Ms. Dusha? Click here:

Need an appointment time with Ms. Dusha? Click here:

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Melrose Utilities Scholarships

All scholarships listed in the message below are located on the right side of this webpage (remember you need to view as desktop version if you are on a mobile device).  Any questions, see Ms. Dusha!
Parents of high school seniors…
MRES Scholarship
Is your child planning to attend a college or technical college and interested in a line of study related to the electric industry? Missouri River Energy Services and Melrose Public Utility  are offering two types of scholarship opportunities:

1. $1,000 scholarships for 2-year or 4-year undergraduate studies in mathematics, science, electrical engineering or other engineering programs, electrical technician, etc. 
2. $1,000 scholarships for 1-year studies to become a Power Lineworker at an eligible technical college in the upper Midwest region.
Scholarship applications for students graduating in 2020 are available from your
high school guidance counselor or available at 
www.mrenergy.comCheck out
this opportunity now! Applications must be postmarked no later than March 15.

Minnesota Municipal Utility Association (MMUA)  Scholarships
MMUA will be giving away four scholarships:  $2,000 (1st place); $1,500 (2nd place); $1,000 (3rd place); $500 (4th place).  This is open to any eligible Senior who lives in MMUA territory.   Deadline is April 3, 2020 at Noon.  Applications can be dropped off at the High School Counseling Office or at the City Center office, or emailed to

Melrose Public Utilities Scholarship
Melrose Public Utilities is giving away a $1,000 Scholarship to an eligible Senior who lives in the Melrose Public Utility Service Area. 
Deadline to apply is Friday, April 3, 2020.  Applications can be dropped off at the High School Counseling Office or emailed to

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Plan Ahead for Changing your S2 Schedule

Wow!  We are almost done with half of the school year!  As we start thinking about 2nd semester, if you are wanting to make any changes to your schedule, please try to do this before the start of the semester.  The deadline to change your schedule, however, is Friday, January 31 (the end of the 1st week of the new semester).  

If you need to make a change to your schedule you can find the schedule change form by clicking here.

If you need to see what classes are offered and their hours, please click here

I want to let you know that due to personal reasons, I will be out of the office January 13-17 which is why it is important that you plan ahead.  Any schedule changes that are turned in during that week will be processed upon my return on Monday, January 20 (which is the last week of 1st semester).  Any emails sent during the week I am gone will also not be answered until I return on January 20.  Thank you for your patience and assistance in preparing ahead of time as to not cause any stress for yourself as you wait for your schedule to be adjusted.

As a reminder, I will not process your requests without all proper signatures from parents and teachers.  Once your form is completely filled out, you may turn it into the orange box outside of my door.  If you need assistance or do not understand how to fill out the form, please make an appointment to see me.  You can send me an email at 
and I will email you back with a time.

Good luck with the end of 1st semester!