Need an appointment time with Ms. Dusha? Click here:

Need an appointment time with Ms. Dusha? Click here:

Thursday, February 18, 2021

2021-2022 Registration Survey

This week 8-11th graders will be completing a survey letting us know what electives they would like us to offer next year.  This is not registration but rather is an opportunity for students to have a say in what classes we offer next year.  After the information from the survey is collected and analyzed, administration creates a "master" schedule - this is an hour by hour list of classes we will offer.  As you can imagine, the process of completing the master schedule takes some time!  After this is all completed, official registration for the 2021-2022 school year typically takes place around the end of April.  During that time students attend an information session during school time where I discuss numerous things (honors credits, college credits, graduation requirements, etc) and then students are given time to start choosing classes.  These information sessions are recorded and posted for parents to review, too.  Students are given about a week to complete the registration.

With that information in mind, keep a watch out for emails and blog posts announcing the start of registration this spring.  In the meantime, the 2021-2022 Registration Guide is always available under "Useful Websites and Forms" on the right side of my blog so that you can review the different classes that we may offer to better assist your student when their time to select courses occurs.

If you have questions, just let me know!